Any master of photography once called himself a beginner photographer. I dream about the work of a professional photographer for a long time, therefore I received a specialized education. The formation of any photographer is gradual and for several years of my work I tried myself in performing different creative tasks.
The first of my works were photo sessions of girls. Girls always critically evaluate their appearance in the photo, so for me it was a kind of test for strength - patiently watch the model, notice the most winning foreshortenings.

To recognize the work, to promote the profession, many photographers start with free work, for example, start to photograph the girls TFP. Persistence helped me create really high-quality work.

I like to look at people. Especially watch the lovers, try to translate the language of the pictures of their sincere feelings - this work is for me a pleasure, these are the best photo shoots, they are also called "love story".