1 hour - 5,000 rubles. (Before the end of summer 4 000)
2 hours - 7,000 rubles
3 hours - 12 000 rub

Wedding - Loyal and flexible prices.
1. Hourly rate - from 3 500 rubles., If the event is more than 8 hours, you will get a pleasant discount.
2. Photos will be given within a month after the shooting.
3. Your guarantees. Our relationship is backed by an agreement.
4. Help with the route and places of photography.
5. Invaluable. After our meeting we will remain friends))

Reporting - 3 500 rubles (minimum order 2 hours)
Baptism (in full) - 5,000

* Payment for studio and make-up artist's work is not included in the price (studio rent from 1000 rubles per hour of rent, visage from 3500 rubles)

I shoot in studios and in nature. I can help you with a choice of a place and to be defined with an image. Be sure to help you with poses! Also I will offer you a good make-up artist and reserve together with you a studio.

You will receive the footage in JPG format.
The material is given on a disk, or uploaded to a file sharing service.
All images (technically good, without marriage, blur, closed eyes, etc.) will be processed using Photoshop programs, in order to bring them to an ideal quality, in the author's style.
Also you get a black and white version of the session, and compressed mini copies

Payment 100% per day shooting.

Processing of photos takes 4-5 weeks.

If, for some reason or other, you agreed with us to shoot in the studio, but you could not come - you were paid for the idle time of the studio.

- Processing of additional frames 200p pcs.
- Can print photos on canvas
- Creating an album photo